Friday, July 5, 2013

Balance in Giving & Receiving

 As the purpose of this blog is to inspire and show us ways we can create our dream life, today I want to write about the subject of burn-out and over-responsibility.  What is burn-out? It is mental, emotional and physical exhaustion because we have been doing too much and giving too much of ourselves to others and not enough to our own selves.  Because it is a learned pattern, we can replace it with a healthier pattern.

 What is the healthier pattern?  It is one based on balance, harmony and moderation.

   It is wonderful to give of ourselves to others but many of us in that process forget to include ourselves.   We can learn to give energy to ourselves and surround ourselves with people who have learned the balance of giving and receiving energy, to others and to themselves.

   There are many ways to do that.  Recently I took a trip to Bocas Del Toro, Panama, in the Caribbean Sea, and did some of the things that give me joy, fun, and energy.  While I visited Red Frog Beach I saw a little red frog... and it understood English!  Do you know how I know that?  Because the moment I asked the indigenous boy who was holding the red frog in the palm of his hand if I could take it back to my home in the mountains of Panama, the frog jumped away.

  Because we all have an inner child, it is so important to MAKE TIME for her, nurture and have fun with her, and also to educate her about the importance of balance.

  It is important to know and do the things that make our inner child happy.  For example for me dancing and singing make mine very happy, so at least two to three times per day I go for a walk and sing and chant prayers and reflect on some of my favorite quotations from the writings of different spiritual teachers.  In addition I enjoy singing songs from some of my favorite musicals.

 So this balance between giving to others and to ourselves is a fine line that needs to be cultivated and practiced daily.  Today I encourage you to reflect on what you do that helps you to create this balance in your life and please share it with us so we all can learn from each other. Have a blessed and joy-filled day. Peace Farideh Azad

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