Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Discontentment is not a negative thing. It actually allows us to take inventory of our life and take responsibility to make the necessary changes to create contentment.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Burn-out Part two

We continue with our tapping to release the root causes of our burn-out.

Burn-out and how to release it. Part one

Part one of Burn-out tapping video.


Denial is a defense mechanism that keeps us stuck in our woundedness, pain and hurt.  It is very important to learn to come out of denial and release the traumatic, painful memories. Learn how to do it in this video.

Boredom Part two

In part two we continue to tap and explore the difference between feeling alone, lonely and bored.

Boredom part one

From time to time we will experience boredom and instead of feeling overwhelmed, we can learn to understand its root causes and to release it and replace it with meaningful activities.

Loneliness Part Two

We continue to tap and explore the reasons for loneliness and how to release it!
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