Friday, June 21, 2013

Failure - growth process

I not only agree that what we judge as failure is in reality an opportunity for learning and growth but that failure happens because we were unaware of a better choice.  So what would happen to our lives if we could never fail in whatever endeavors we pursued? What if we could always get it right the first time we tried something new?  Is that realistically possible?  For that to happen we must know everything and never be ignorant and unaware.  That is impossible because first of all we cannot be perfect and do everything perfectly because that would mean that at every moment we have knowledge and the wisdom to know what is the best choice.  Even if we know what is the best choice, we also need the courage and detachment to be free of the judgment and approval of others and 100% listen to our intuition which is the guidance of our own soul.  So many of us struggle to listen to our own intuition because we don't even recognize that it was placed within our soul by our Creator to guide and protect us.  How I learned to respect my intuition was that when as a result of  disregarding its guidance in important decisions of my life I experienced pain and suffering, gradually I developed respect for this spiritual faculty within my own soul that is always with me ready to guide and protect me if I would listen to it. 

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