Friday, June 21, 2013

Now is Right on Time

When I look back at my life and remember the most difficult phases of it, my greatest struggle was in thinking and believing that I had wasted so much time in making many bad choices that had brought me so much pain.  Then I would be filled with despair.  The despair was because I felt my choices were mistakes and I would put myself down and be filled with regrets.   I would keep saying to myself and others, only if I had listened to my intuition, I could have prevented myself and my loved ones from suffering so much.  Now that I feel I have done 80% of my healing process , actually I feel grateful for those difficult times as they helped me to become the woman that I have become. So I do agree that the thinking that we have lost time is an erroneous one and it is true that "It took each and every situation that we each have encountered to bring each one of us to the now and now is right on time."

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