Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In Pursuit of Our Dreams

I have decided to share where I am in my emotional healing journey.  It is interesting that as I have been releasing more hurtful and painful memories from my past I see not only a physical transformation--I am feeling and looking younger--but also the desire to manifest my dreams are becoming stronger.  So that is one of the benefits of doing our emotional healing and releasing negative addictions and using our positive addictions in moderation.

I want to focus us on pursuing our soul dreams.  To do that I have noticed that the time I take daily for prayer, study of inspirational spiritual teachings and reflection on them is elevating my awareness and improving the quality of my life.

With this new heightened awareness I am experiencing more joy and inner peace.  The scriptures of all religions tell us that the purpose of life is to experience joy, inner peace and harmony.

But joy, inner peace and harmony are the by-products of living an intentional life of higher purpose. The first step in creating this kind of new life can be taken either out of a place of desperation or the desire to be inspired by all the new possibilities that life has to offer.

Sometimes life feels like a dance, with beautiful movements, and music that stirs our souls.  In that state of total ecstacy, we lose track of time and are able to be really present to our here and now experience.  This ability of the soul to be really present to Now, is a gift and the more we use it the stronger we feel in being able to let go of the past painful, hurtful and traumatic memories we have experienced and focus instead on what our soul desires to create for our benefit and the benefit of others.

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